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maydetox's Journal

May Detox Support Group
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This community has been created for those wishing to participate in May Detox as a survivalist guide, support group and general rant space about how much you are missing the vice(s) of your choice.

The idea around May detox stems from Roman times when Caligula made his senate give up buttsecks for the entirety of Summer. This was soon whittled down to a Friday afternoon for around 15 minutes but the idea lived on.

This is not for a charity. This is not for glory although lording it over your non-conforming friends with a holier than thou attitude will make the month pass so much faster and enjoyably.

The detox is for those of us with an ingrained love of the booze. Its to prove to the world we are NOT alcoholics, we just really love our beer. I swear, I can give it up anytime I like, honest injun.

Its to give our livers a chance to have a breather. Our metabolism to learn to cope without alcohol. Our minds to free themselves of the loving embrace of lager........ goddamn this is going to be hard isn't it?

How you run your own detox is your own choice. You may add things to shun as you wish but the basic idea is:

1. No alcohol.

2. No other drugs unless prescribed or needed for health reasons.

3. Do a regular easy exercise such as an evening walk for longer than 30 mins.

Thats it.

Please post and let us know how you will be joining us and what you think YOU need to detox from.

Strength in Unity.